Runaway Mobile in Midtown

During this morning rush there was a hold up due to an attempted theft.  A newly invented mobile was being tested and advertised in the market place.  Once again the local thief, Porseus, went on his pilgrimage to get the latest and best of the kingdoms transportation.  What was he thinking?

The owner stepped out for a moment to grab a snack and discuss the wonderful features, when Porseus took his opportunity to jump into the unlocked running car pushing the owner out of the way.  He caught everyone’s eyes as he attempted to drive it.  He made a disaster in town slamming into stores and wrecking the store fronts.  The mobile went completely out of control.
The owner said he wasn’t going far, because he had the key controls which was able to disable its motors.  We were able to get information about the features from the owner.  It’s an unbelievable invention!  It tucks the wheels in making it capable of gliding low over the surface.  No more wheel marks.  Fabulous and quiet too.  Some say that it will lift the town’s curfew, with no noise we would be able to move around without causing distress to others at night.  It drives in cruise mode and if you’re into speed it takes off in seconds at an unbelievable high speed.
Porseus, is once again contained with a huge debt to pay.  Not only does he have to work off the cost of the damages for the stores, he is now assigned to work on the infrastructure for the roads as well.  He owes a whopping 2358 kings notes.  Who knows how long he’s going to take to pay that off!

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